Back in January Sally and I went hiking. It was the first time we talked in person about Sally being pregnant and I kept mentioning how with time it was going to get harder and harder for her to hike and exercise. I was even laughing because it was a surprise for her and her husband Jonathan.

Little did I know that as I was laughing I was pregnant, too. As soon as I found out I texted her telling her that we were in the same boat. We both laughed about it, and well, we both are slower hiking buddies now.

I am so excited to meet little Mia and tell her how her mom is such a badass. I love sharing these life changing moments with Sally, and I can’t wait to see Mia and my baby boy hiking with us. How adorable will that be!!

I LOVED taking these photos of these two. They are such cuties and are always down to do whatever I direct them to do (photographer dream right there).

Anyway, here are the highlights of their maternity session. Of course it had to include a hike.

Extra thanks to Caleb and Jon for carrying all of our stuff. You guys are the best!